How can I setup voicemail to text transcription?

1. How to Setup your FREE Voicemail to Text Transcription

To setup your free Press8 voicemail to text transcription first you have to sign up for a FREE account with Nexiwave. Just go to:, scroll to the bottom to see their plans and sign up for the FREE Plan.

Once you sign up with Nexiwave, you will be emailed a Nexiwave ID. It will look something like this:

Forward the email you receive from Nexiwave to: and we will finish setting up your voicemail to text. We will let you know when that is finished. We can usually set this up in 1 day. 

Once we let you know that it is setup on your voicemail, you can test it by calling your extension and leaving a voicemail message. The message should arrive transcribed in your email box within 1-3 minutes. 

With the Nexiwave FREE plan you will get 4 voicemail to text transcriptions a day.

If you need more transcriptions than 4 a day, you just upgrade your Nexiwave account from FREE to 'paid' plan.

2. How to Upgrade your Voicemail to Text Transcription Service

If you need more than 4 transcribed voicemail's per day, you can upgrade your plan.

First login to your Nexiwave account ( and click on 'BALANCE'. 

Then choose between a 'Fixed Monthly Price' or an 'On Demand Auto Refill'. The current cost per minute is .18 cents (subject to change). 

If you have any problems with Nexiwave, you can call their customer support at: (800) 685-7165.

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