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    How do I create audio files for my phone system? (Main Greeting, Voicemail Greeting, IVRs, etc)


    To Get Professionally Recorded Audio Files

    To purchase a professional sounding audio recorded by professional voice talent (various languages to choose from) using your own script, just go to our  Audio Production Store. Prices start at around $70.

    Another great place to get cheap professional recordings is Fiverr. Just ask them to give it to you in .wav format. Prices start at $5.

    If you want a quick turn around, Press8 can record it for you without any background music for $30 each (call for bulk pricing discounts).

    Or, you can create one yourself.

    Here's how to create one yourself:

    The steps below tell you how, or you can watch how to create a sound file visit the Press 8 tutorial on YouTube.  

    Press8 provides customers with the ability to either record their own audio prompts or purchase professionally recorded prompts:

    1. When your VoIP phone is setup, you can easily make recordings at anytime by dialing: *22. The menu will step you through how to make your recording.You can make as many recordings as you want and listen to them, rename, or delete the one's you do not want  by going to your control panel at: https://manage.press8.com and clicking on =>Features =>Sound Files.
    2. You can make recordings using your cell phone or any other phone via the Press8 control panel: First, go to:https://manage.press8.com. Login and then go to Features=>Sound Files=>Call to Record. Use the phone number you want the system to call. i.e. 5127779898 (no dashes) and follow the prompts.
      • If you want to use your Press8 VoIP phone to make the recording, you will need to use the 7 digit number found here: Features=>Telephone Line and the number to use would be the bold number next to the description of the phone that you are using.
      • You can record as many voice prompts as you want and delete the ones you do not want to use as well as rename the ones you do want to keep in: Features=>Sound Files.
    3. You can also make recordings using your PC or MAC sound software: (We recommend Audacity for Windows and MAC Users).
      • Save the recordings as .wav files and upload them to your control panel at: https://manage.press8.com and clicking on =>Features =>Sound Files.  These wave files should be mono, have a sample rate of 8000hz and a sample format of 16 bit PCM.
    4. For professional recordings, visit our Audio Production Store which provides a simple interface for you to purchase professionally recorded voice prompts and custom music on hold. In the Audio Production Store you can do such things as:
      • Send the text of what you'd like recorded along with specific requests and/or instructions.
      • Sample multiple voice recording accents so that you can choose the artist that best meets your needs.
      • Choose from multiple languages for your recordings.
      • Browse the music on hold library, and have your custom voice messages integrated into the music.
      • Have your voice recording sent to you via e-mail.
      • For voicemail recordings, you can provide your voicemail login information for us to directly add the voice recording for you!
      • Instant price quotes are provided based on the type of recording, number of prompts, and their length.

          5. We can do recordings for you for $30 each. Just email: support@press8.com.

    How to Upload Your Completed Sound Files

    to Your Press8 Phone System

    Once your recording or .wav file is in your control panel, you can use it anywhere in your phone system by just choosing it in a drop down menu when setting up things such as your main greeting, voicemail greeting, etc.

    If you want us to add your sound file, just email it to: support@press8.com. We can put the sound files wherever you want them on the system once they have been recorded.

    If you have any difficulties making or ordering recordings, please contact our Support Department who will be glad to help you.

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